Friday, August 23, 2013


The 13th General Election (GE)  held on 5th Mei 2013 to elect 222 people's  respresentative in parliment of Malaysia clearly indicates that the ruling party , the National Front or Barisan National still receive a commendable support from the electorate in order to form the government. BN won 133 sear whereas the opposition coalition won 89 seats. Albeit, the sosial media and many local  political pundits and elswhere predicted that the opposition, led by Anwar Ibrahim,  will win big and form the government but the results shows otherwise. Their prediction turn to be a  fallacy because to some analyst the so called political pundits  calculations were merely based on sosial media reports and not on  reality. The people want BN,  led by Najib Tun Abdul Razak to continue and bring about transformation in all sectores, politics, economy, sosial and government, in order to Malaysia achive the target of developed nation status by 2020 and a higer income nation. Nevertheless, the Opposition FroNT manage to increse their popular vote to 5,623,984. BN managed to get 5, 237,699. Since Malaysia practice First Past The Post system or single majority system in electing the representatives, BN was declared as a winner based on the majority seats BN won. Eventhough the Opposition Front performed  better and make inroads among the non-Malay majority constituency in urban and rural , but PAS, the fundamental Islamist party in the opposition coalition lost gravely the  support from the hard core Malay electorate in  13th GE. Unfortunately, PAS being working with DAP, the Chinese dominated party in the opposition coaltion , is loosing its grip in the heart and mind of the hardcore Malay electorate. The dent and the declining support from  Malay electorate has made PAS to rethink their position and strategy  to remain viable and valid in Malaysian political landscape  in the future.