Friday, October 4, 2013

Operasi Cantas Berjaya Menawan Gejala Kongsi Gelap:

Parlimen dilaporkan oleh Menteri Dalam Negeri bahawa pembatalan Ordinan Dharurat dan lepasan beberapa orang yang disyaki "penjenayah tersusun"  daripada tahanan  Polis telah membantu meningkatkan Indeks Jenayah Berat dalam Negara. Beliau menggesa Orang ramai turut membantu Polis menangani jenayah dalam negara. " Operasi Chantas " dilancarkan untuk menawan gejala kongsi gelap yang dilihat kian meningkat dalam negara. Menurut kenyataan Polis, Operasi Chantas berjaya menawan kegiatan dan  peningkatan gejala kongsi gelap di Malaysia. Rakyat berpuas hati dengan langkah-langkah yang diambil oleh kerajaan dalam membela dan memelihara keselamatan awam. Rakyat berharap pihak Polis teruskan operasi Chantas..Syabas Ketua Polis Negara dan Menteri Dalam Negeri.


 sekadar renungan bersama.......
·        Sebahagian besar pengundi Cina dilihat bersatu menyokong parti pembangkang seperti DAP, GERAKAN dan PAS dan menafikan 2/3 majoriti parti PERIKATAN (UMNO,MCA,MIC) pada tahun 1969. Pada tahun 1969, Parti PERIKATAN hanya memperolehi 66  ( 63 %) kerusi daripada jumlah 104 kerusi parlimen dan hilang 2/3 majoriti di parlimen.

·         Sebahagian besar pengundi India dilihat  bersatu menyokong pembangkang pada tahun 2008.Dengan itu BN dinafikan majoriti 2/3 dalam parlimen kerana BN hanya memperolehi 140 kerusi daripada jumlah 222 kerusi parlimen.

·        Sebahagian besar pengundi Cina pula dilihat  sekali lagi bersatu menyokong parti pembangkang dalam PRU13 pada tahun 2013. Dengan itu  BN sekali lagi dinafi majoriti 2/3 dalam parlimen kerana BN hanya mampu memperolehi 133 kerusi daripada jumlah 222 kerusi parlimen.
·        Ini jelas menunjukkan faktor kaum masih menjadi faktor utama, berbanding dengan lain-lain  faktor seperti faktor ekonomi, agama, kebudayaan ,bahasa dalam mempengaruhi  trend pengundian di Malaysia. 
  •       Persoalannya, apakah trend pengundian ini akan berterusan dalam PRU14? Apakah kaum Melayu yang mewakili majoriti pengundi berdaftar di Malaysia akan bersatu dan mempengaruhi keputusan yang boleh menimbulkan kejutan  dalam PRU14 nanti?

Monday, September 23, 2013


Malaya Communist Party (CPM) has commited atrocities including brutally killing not only the security forces but also innocent civilians including children since the party inception in year 1937 till 1989. But today, Malaysians are enjoying peace and prosperity because they have rejected, particularly the earlier Malayan leaders and the citizens of Malaya from  all walks of life and race, communist ideology sowed by CPM led by Chin Peng. Chin Peng launched guerilla war against not only the colonial British administration who administered Malaya till 31 August 1957 but also the 'Federation Of Malaya' government elected by Malayan people.The argument that Chin Peng  is a warrior because he fought against British colonial government is a fallacy because Chin Peng continued his guerilla war against the Malayan government even after Malaya achieved independence. 

Chin Peng wants to establish a 'Republic of Communist Malaya' under the tutelage of Communist Party of China. He only gave up his struggle or fight against the Malayan Government when he was advised by the top communist leaders from China. History shows that he collaborate and worked with British to thwart Japanese occupation of Malaya. He was awarded the highest warrior award 'O.B.E.' from British government for his collaberation with British . It is a communist strategy to work with the enemy to undermine them in order to achieve a bigger goal or agenda. Communist Party Of China led by the paramount leader Mao Dze Tung has worked with the nationalist party of China to stop Japanese occupying the mainland China. Once gain considerable amount of support and power, Mao overthrew Kuomintang and established a Republic Of Communist China under the leadership of  Communist Party Of China. 
Chin Peng was offered an opportunity to drop his arms struggle during the 'Baling Talk' held on 28th Disember 1955 and join the Malayan people to fight for Malaya independence. But Chin Peng refused to drop his arms struggle but adamant to continue his guerilla war to take over this country by unconstitutional manner.

While the Malayan people led by YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman engaged with the colonial British government demanding for independence of Malaya, Chin Peng launched his underground operations aggressively and killed brutally the security forces and innocent civilians. The Bukit Kepong attack, an assault against the Bukit Kepong Police Station,  which killed many police man and their family members on 23 February 1950, is a prove that Chin Peng is all out to take over this country by force and intimidation.  

Malaysians still remember the atrocities committed by Chin Peng during the pre-independence and post independence era. An emergency rule was in force from 1948 till 1960.  It was reported elsewhere that during this period of time, his attack has took a heavy toll of 3,945 security forces and 2,473 innocent civilians. Chin Peng has launched the 2nd attack causing security threat till 1979.

The Chief Inspector Of Polis in Serdang, Kedah, was shot dead by some communist agents  on 12 July 1973.  The Perak State Polis Chief, Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong was shot dead by communist insurgents in Ipoh on 12 July 1975. Even the IGP was not spared. Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim,  Inspector General Of Police Malaysia, was shot dead  on his way to office in  Jalan Tun Perak by Chin Peng's  hench man on 7 Jun 1974.

CPM underground activities came to an end when CPM led by Chin Peng signed a  peace accord, the ‘Hadyai Peace Accord’  with Thailand and Malaysian government in year 1989. With this background, do you believe that the right thinking Malaysian citizen will agree  that  Chin Peng is a freedom fighter an  deserve a warrior accord in Malaysia? 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Being a staunch devotee of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba and had visited most of Baba’s centers  located in various towns in Malaysia, read his messages and teachings regularly and  had learnt about his miracles, my wife and me decided to visit  the holy land Shirdi, the blessed soil on which Sai Baba has set his foot.

My wife and me left KLIA on 28th morning at  9.30 am by MAS  and reached Shivaji International Airport,Bombay at noon. Then reached Shirdi by road. Our journey to Shirdi by road took about 5 hours. We touched  Shirdi, the blessed soil for the 1st time on 28th August 2013 at about 7.30 pm.  We checked in at Hotel Sun & Sand, without much delay we washed ourselves and strait away went to Samadhi Mandir, Chavadi, Gurusthan, Maruthi (Sri Hanuman) temple to have our Dharshan. 

The the next day, on 29th August,  we were at  Dwarakamai, a holy place  where Sri Sai Baba live and blessed millions of his devotees, at 3.00 am to get Baba’s blessing. We submit flowers and a coconut for the Dhuni and sat there for a while chanting Baba’s glory and doing meditation. The Dhuni is the sacred perpetually burning fire that Baba built and which has been maintained till today.

Later, we went to Samadhi Mandir to witness  Arathi and to get Baba’s blessings. We went around Mandir to conduct prayers, particularly the Gurusthan, where the holy Neem tree was situated. Baba was first found by the villagers meditating under this neem tree when he was about 16 years old in the middle of 18th century.  We went around the neem tree few times hoping to collect  some falling neem leaves. It is a belief that the leaves from this neem tree has profound powers to help cure any sickness of the present day. But, the security man on duty at this point never allow  anyone  to wait for a while near this tree, even for a minute to pick up any falling leaves to avoid overcrowding  or congestion at Gurusthan.  Even though thousands of devotees were waiting there in anticipation to pick up one or two neem leaves, but only  one or two  devotees succeeded  in  getting  a  leaf after waiting for hours. But we were fortunate, with Baba’s blessing, we managed to pick one fresh green neem leaf at my second visit to Gurusthan. We were extremely happy to realize that Baba has acknowledged our visit by  granting our wishes to have one green neem leaf.

We also took time to visit all the samadh of the disciples who lived and served Baba in Shirdi particularly  Haji Abdul Baba Samadh (1954) and Shri Nanawawali samadh (1918). We were happy to note that our visit to all the holy places around Samadhi Mandir went on well as we wished. 

But, alas our happiness came to a halt when the night fall on 29th of August!. At night around 9 pm we joined the crowd to witness a Krisna Jayanthi procession where Baba’s moorthy was carried in a decorated chariot around Shirdi. Thousands of devotees thronged  to get Baba’s blessing. Unfortunately, some ill hearted person/s from the crowd ‘picked pocket’ my purse which contains our Malaysian passport and cash RM 4,000. It was very unfortunate night for us. We feel so sad  and shocked to learn this  misfortune has  happened to us in Shirdi!.

Next day, on 30th, we lodged a report at Security Office at Samdhi Mandir and Police Hq at Shirdi about our loss. Even though we feel sad  but we persistently went on with our prayers as we already planned, chanting Baba’s bajans . We wished in our prayers Baba will help us to get back our passport at least. We went to Dwarakamai again to ask for Baba’s blessing to get back our passport. To our surprise, the person who was in charge of maintaining Baba’s Dhuni assured us by saying ‘Don’t worry..Baba will give your passport’. Many guest at hotel where we stayed , including the hotel management, assured us that we, being a faithful and staunch devotee of Baba, will not face any difficulties in Baba’s  holy land. They assured us that Baba will surely help us to get back our passports as soon as possible.

The next day is 31st. Aguust. . It  is  a Malaysia Independence day. Conjunction with this auspicious day, we hand over some Malaysian flags and some goodies including bags with 1Malaysia symbols to the hotel staff. Since my wife persuaded me to give a talk to the hotel staff  about the history of our Independence and about 1Malaysia concept mooted by Hon. Malaysian  Prime Minster, Najib Tun Abdul Razak, I explain briefly about our Independence struggle and 1 Malaysia concept which is akin to Baba’s teachings.

We left the hotel after my brief talk to the hotel staff to Samathi Mandir for a Dharsan and then we proceed to Dwarakamai  Seva Trust Old Age Home at Nanduriki-Kankuri Road, Shirdi, to offer food to some old people who are taking shelter there. We were fortunate to perform our ‘Dharma’ by offering some food to the unfortunate soul. Offering food to people is one of  Baba’s principle teachings. 

We  left the old age home around 2 pm and came back to hotel for a short break. I was about to take a short nab but awaken by a telephone ringging at my bed side.  Mr.Vijay, the front desk hotel staff called me and informed me that our passport has been found and he asked me to rush to Samadhi Mandhir with the hotel transport to collect it. I did not believed it at first..i thought i was dreaming. Realizing that the telephone call was real, my wife and me rushed to Samadhi Mandir immediately and saw two people in a security uniform  waiting  near  Samadhi Mandir  with Malaysian passports. To our surprise and utter amazement, it was our and we collected it from those two people in security uniform. Thanks to Baba  we found our passport. Baba has proved that he is omnipresent and exist everywhere to hear our distress. Baba did not left us in despair for a long time! At this point, I remember reading a book where I come across an assurance from Baba that “I will be with you ,when ever and where ever you think of me” .

Having collected our passport, we bought some flower garland and rushed to Samathi Mandir to offer our  heartfelt thanks  to Baba for helping us . we went to the Samadhi Mandir main security office to let them know that we got back our passport. But the main security office at Mandir is not aware about the finding and they claim that the person who hand over the passports to us are not there man on duty! What a surprise!. 

Neverthelesss,  the security personnel at Samadh Mandir facilitate  our movement  to reach Samadhi Mandir instantly to offer our flowers to Baba. At this moment we feel so happy and relaxed and my wife suggested to sit for while in the Lendhi Baug, a garden where Sai  Baba used grow vegetables and spend his time every day during his life time. Baba  has  also  planted some trees there.  A well used by Baba to water the vegetable plants were also found in this garden.

While we were talking and reflecting the days of Baba walking about in this green garden, a saintly (sanyasi) looking person appeared in front of us. Assuming that he is expecting arms from us, my wife without much hesitant and delay  gave him some Indian rupees. I too search my pocket and found some rupees and gave it to him. But to our surprise, he laughed at us and he took one or two coins from us and returned one 2 rupee coin to my wife and one 2 rupee coin to me. He also blessed both of us lovingly. We noticed that he  occasionally pointing his fingers  up at the sky while chanting  “Jay Ram-Jay Ram-Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Ram”. He also repeatedly pointing at my wife and addressing her as ‘Maha Lekshmi’. He patted my head and my wife’s head lovingly as a symbol of blessings. But at one point we were shocked when he, the saintly looking man,  suddenly  gave a hard 'tap' at my wife’s head forcefully and left the place only to return to bow down to touch my wife’s feet as a sign of respect. Shocked to see him bowing down to touch my wife's feet , I rushed to stop him but he quickly woke up and walked away from there in a lightening speed and disappeared. we  searched for him but could not find anywhere . We guess he disappeared somewhere near the holy tree where Baba and his  guru used to meditate.

We went back to hotel happily but reflecting and wondering why the saintly person in the Lendhi Baugh patted us and  bowed at my wife.  Reaching our room, we were surprised to note that the face of the saintly person we saw in the Lendhi Baug was  similar  to the Baba’s  portrait placed in our hotel room.  Now, we realized that the saintly person who appeared in the Lendhi Baug garden was none other than Sri Sai Baba. We feel happy,excited and overjoyed for being blessed by Sri Sai Baba personnely by appearing as a saintly man or fakir. 

Next day, we left the hotel to Bombay enroute to our home ,Malaysia. On our way to Bombay  from hotel, we stopped at Khandoba temple to offer our respect to the ‘Paduka’, where Baba put his first step when he arrived at Shirdi the first time. Here is the place where Khandoba  temple priest Mhaspati greeted Baba as “ Ya Sai”.  We were informed that Baba was with a group of people who stopped at the Khandoba temple  to join a  marriage ceremony to be held  in Shridi. Mhasalpati addressing the saintly looking man as ‘ Sai’ has eventually led to the appellation and evolution to become the most admired and revered  spiritual Gurus of India and all over the world of present day.

We returned to Malaysia happily with the  feeling of having trenched in Baba’s unlimited benevolent blessings. Having witnessed and experienced personally Baba’s presence in Shirdi, my wife , Anusuya Devi Naidu and me are ever willing to vouch that Baba  exist  in Shirdi to bless his devotees. We still remember the  assurance of Baba “My bones will speak from my tomb”. Jai Shri Sai Ram. Bow to Sri Sai-Peace be to all.

By M.Perry & Anusuya Devi Naidu

Friday, August 23, 2013


The 13th General Election (GE)  held on 5th Mei 2013 to elect 222 people's  respresentative in parliment of Malaysia clearly indicates that the ruling party , the National Front or Barisan National still receive a commendable support from the electorate in order to form the government. BN won 133 sear whereas the opposition coalition won 89 seats. Albeit, the sosial media and many local  political pundits and elswhere predicted that the opposition, led by Anwar Ibrahim,  will win big and form the government but the results shows otherwise. Their prediction turn to be a  fallacy because to some analyst the so called political pundits  calculations were merely based on sosial media reports and not on  reality. The people want BN,  led by Najib Tun Abdul Razak to continue and bring about transformation in all sectores, politics, economy, sosial and government, in order to Malaysia achive the target of developed nation status by 2020 and a higer income nation. Nevertheless, the Opposition FroNT manage to increse their popular vote to 5,623,984. BN managed to get 5, 237,699. Since Malaysia practice First Past The Post system or single majority system in electing the representatives, BN was declared as a winner based on the majority seats BN won. Eventhough the Opposition Front performed  better and make inroads among the non-Malay majority constituency in urban and rural , but PAS, the fundamental Islamist party in the opposition coalition lost gravely the  support from the hard core Malay electorate in  13th GE. Unfortunately, PAS being working with DAP, the Chinese dominated party in the opposition coaltion , is loosing its grip in the heart and mind of the hardcore Malay electorate. The dent and the declining support from  Malay electorate has made PAS to rethink their position and strategy  to remain viable and valid in Malaysian political landscape  in the future.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013



·         Sebahagian besar pengundi Cina dilihat  bersatu menyokong parti pembangkang seperti DAP, GERAKAN dan PAS dan menafikan 2/3 majoriti parti PERIKATAN (UMNO,MCA,MIC) pada tahun 1969. Pada tahun 1969, Parti PERIKATAN hanya memperolehi 66  ( 63 %) kerusi daripada jumlah 104 kerusi parlimen dan hilang 2/3 majoriti di parlimen.

·         Sebahagian besar pengundi India dilihat  bersatu menyokong pembangkang pada tahun 2008 dan menafikan BN 2/3 majoriti di Parlimen kerana  BN hanya memperolehi 140 kerusi daripada jumlah 222 kerusi parlimen.

·         Sebahagian besar pengundi Cina dilihat sekali lagi bersatu menyokong parti pembangkang dalam PRU13 pada tahun 2013 dan menafikan 2/3 majoriti di Parlime kerana  BN hanya mampu memperolehi 133 kerusi daripada jumlah 222 kerusi parlimen.

·          Nampaknya faktor kaum masih menjadi faktor utama, berbanding dengan lain-lain  faktor seperti ekonomi ,  dalam mempengaruhi  trend pengundian di Malaysia.  Persoalannya, apakah trend ini akan berterusan dalam PRU14?
  • Apakah kaum Melayu yang bilangan besar pengundi berdaftar di Malaysia akan bersatu dan  menimbulkan kejutan dalam  PRU14 nanti?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Parlimen dilaporkan oleh Menteri Dalam Negeri bahawa pembatalan Ordinan Dharurat dan lepasan beberapa orang yang disyaki penjenayah tersusun telah membantu meningkat Indeks Jenayah Berat dalam negara. Orang ramai digesa membantu Polis menangani jenayah dalam negeri. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013


PM Najib said that MALAYSIA ON TRACK TO BECOME HIGH-INCOME NATION.  Prime Minister Najib Razak said today that Malaysia has made great strides in its effort to become a high-income nation, but in order to succeed must unite. Unveiling the latest National Transformation Programme (NTP) results in an address to the nation, the Prime Minister said the Government has built a more open and collaborative democracy, and focused on delivering the goods and services Malaysians need in a modern economy.
The NTP comprises the Government and Economic Transformation Programmes, both of which are based on clear and quantifiable targets. Some of the key successes of the GTP include:
• Introducing measures to raise the living standards of low income households, which have ensured that the poverty rate has now fallen from 3.8 per cent in 2009 to 1.7 per cent in 2012. Measures include the building of 35,000 new homes, which has enabled more medium and low income families to buy a house.
• Investing in rural development, so that 4.5 million people living in rural communities have seen their standard of living rise. This development has resulted in nearly 3,500km of new roads, 200,000 homes being connected to a clean water supply and over 476,000 homes being connected to reliable electricity.
 • Improving the quality of and access to education, such as the introduction of more than 2,000 pre-school classes in 2012. This resulted in total enrolment for pre-school aged children increasing to 80 per cent – the highest level in Malaysia’s history. tThe ETP has also continued to meet its targets, with a further 39 projects worth RM32 billion in investments secured in 2012. In total since its launch in 2010, the ETP has now announced 149 projects, worth RM211 billion in investments. These are forecast to add RM136 billion to GNI and create nearly 408,443 jobs. Along with the divestment of Government-linked Investment Companies (GLICs), which resulted in some of the world’s largest IPOs last year, Government economic policies have helped Malaysia establish itself as an emerging global economic force: GDP growth in 2012 was 5.6 per cent; the FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI has reached all-time highs; while trade has broken new barriers in each of the last 3 years, reaching more than RM1.53 trillion in 2012.

Prime Minister Najib Razak said: “The task we have set ourselves to become a high-income nation by 2020 is deliberately ambitious, but eminently attainable.”

“In implementing this transformation agenda I have ultimate responsibility for its success and am bound by the results that it achieves. As today’s results show, we are making significant progress in our efforts to become a more advanced and just society, with higher standards of living for all.

Najib ambition is to see Malaysia realise its potentials , he said “I want to help Malaysia realise its exceptional potential.”

Najib call upon the International experts, such as International Performance Review( IPR) and Pricewaterhouse Coopers Malaysia,  to review and verify his Repord Card.

Rakyat too can evaluate what Najib government has achieved or failed to achieve in ordern to make their decision wisely in the coming 13th GE.