Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blog friendly Minister

By : Perry

Minister of Information ,Dato Ahmad Shabery Cheek, has played an exemplary role as an efficient and professional parlimentarian by presenting a concise and precise ministerial report while participating at the mid term review debate on 9th Malaysia Plan in parliament today.

Even the Deputy Speaker of Parlimen who was presiding the session, Dato Dr.Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, was quick to commend on his abilty to present his report on a stipulated time, within 10 minutes.

I am surprised to note that there were no questions from the opposition bench to the minister of Information. There were lot of questions and arguments when other ministers presenting their ministry reports. Some ministers were bombarded with a lot of questions ranging from the oil price hike, good governance, government delivery system, corruption and etc until the speaker have to intervene to remind members of parliament on time management.

The minister also took time to respond to questions raised by the opposition on the role of ministry in organizing some special program lately for grass root leaders all over the country. The minister explained that the ministry is organizing those special program to explain government policies, including social contract and the current restructuring of oil subsidies because the rakyat should know what the government is doing currently to elevate the hardship of rakyat due to oil price hike.

Based on his explanation, I am convinced that that there is no party politics involved in ministry but the ministry is merely carrying out its responsibilities to enlighten people on government policies for people to make their own judgement on government initiatives.

I am also happy to note that Dato Shabery Cheek seemed to be the only minister who is very much willing to engage with bloggers, infact willing to meet bloggers regularly to exchange views on current issues.This is indeed a commendable a gesture from a cabinet minister , which in turn help to create a healthy and friendly scenario or platform and relationship between executives,legislators and the media,the fourth estate to provide truth and avoid possib ility of truth being clouded by perceptions .

Syabas Dato Ahmad Shabery Cheek. Keep it up!

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