Friday, April 24, 2009

ONE MALAYSIA-People First,Performance Now- A New Vision

The new cabinet of the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, has made some laudable and remarkable decisions lately which has the potential to woo the confidence of the rakyat towards government . The rakyat, particularly those who were looking forward to resolve many issues pertaining to conversion and lopsided policies felt joyous about the recent decision.

Among the cardinal decision made was to put an end to child conversion.Cabinet has made a ruling that a child must follow the religion practiced by the parents at the time of marriage in the event one of them opts to convert. The other important decision made by the cabinet is that a marriage solemnized under civil law can be dissolved under only the civil law. The cabinet felt that a conversion must not be used as a ground to automatically dissolve a marriage or to get custody of children.

The cardinal ruling on conversion has saved many innocent parties, particularly children , from becoming victims of the circumstances.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers must act quickly , without any undue delay to look into all relevant laws to give effect to the cabinet dicision. Otherwise, rakyat who were bored with many unfulfilled promises will not have confidence and faith in whatever decision made by Najib’s new cabinet in the future but will treat the cabinet decision as yet another political rhetoric of the day.

Another important , yet a bold decision made by the Najib’s administration is to lift the 30% bumiputra equity on 27 service sub-sectors.

Many thriving entrepreneurs applauded the new ruling made by the cabinet. Many felt that Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak has done a right thing in the nations’s interest taking into concideration the the calls made by many quarters for some time.

Y.A.B. Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, eventhough took over the baton of leadership just a couple of weeks ago, has made a brave and prudent decision even though he knew that his decisions may be unpopular among some quarters. He too aware that some of his political enemies may use it against him to smear his political career. But his utmost priority now is people’s interest.

Rakyat who are concern about the unity among all races and the nation’s economic competitiveness in the forthcoming economic down turns will surely welcome Najib’s initiatives. His cardinal inititiaves are seen as the dawn of many more people-oriented policies to be announced .

The above initiatives also demonstrates that Najib is listening and in tune with the demand and aspirations of the rakyat in abandoning many aged old policies of the past.

Malaysians are beginning to feel that Najib is sincere in bringing changes to the socio-economic landscape he inherited from the previous administration. He is working hard to give spirit to 1 Malaysia concept mooted by him. His predecessor, Pak Lah, assures people that he has big ears to hear and urged the rakyat to work with him to achieve the nation’s goals. But unfortunately many misunderstand his vision and refuse to embrace his policies fearing they may fall out politically.

But we hope,all the Najib’s undertaking to undo the old-aged policies which deemed not in line or relevant to the present day needs and aspirations of the multi-ethnic rakyat should be encouraged and adopted by everyone.

Malaysians of all walks of life should support and encourage Najib to formulate new policies, akin to NEP, which benefit the poor of all communities disregard of race and religion. This will surely resuscitate the support for the government lost in political ground lately. The results of the 12 general elections evidently shows the watershed of people choices in political landscape.

We hope that Najib’s vision of ONE MALAYSIA will act as a panacea to all the sosio-political-economic short comings among Malaysians in strengthening unity to a greater heights in the near future.One Malaysia- People First,Performance Now is surely a concept to ensure justice for all Malaysians.

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