Sunday, May 17, 2009


Today , 17th May 2009 , is World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. This year's theme is ' Protecting Children in Cyberspace'.

The internet has changed the way we live by connecting us to the world whilst enhancing the capabilities of many Malaysians to interact and share information among them without barrier.

The internet gives us the freedom to express our opinion through on line publications and blogs. The internet is good .Let us use this freedom wisely.

The Malaysians, made of diverse ethnic, religion,culture ,language and way of life must learn to use internet wisely in sharing information and opinions.we must use internet and blog responsibly.

we must not misuse this great invention of human kind to destabilize the unity fostered among Malaysians ever since Malaysia achieved independence or Merdeka.

The introduction and adoption of internet has given opportunity to many Malaysians to blog, particularly engage in political blogs. The political blogs which mushrooming in quantity has changed the Malaysians perception about their political beliefs and affiliations.

But we must always mindful of the information we put or receive on the internet. we must always mindful of our language we use in blog . We must use blog responsibly without hurting,offending, humiliating or embarrassing others on the internet.

We must always uphold sanctity of the law and being courteous to others when we use internet to express our opinions,particularly on religion.We must learn to blog wisely.

We must not misinform others with false information or twist the facts for some particluar interest in cyberspace using blogs. It is very dangerous to spread any information on the internet which may affect the political stability of Malaysia.

We must always uphold RUKUNEGARA while we blog on internet. Let us celebrate this day with a commitment that is to save our teenagers and children in cyberspace.

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