Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Some social media reports that Penang CM Lim Guan Eng claims that his government has reduced the state govenment's debt by 95 % , that is the state government has reduced the state government debt from RM 630 million to RM 30 million in year 2010.

I will certainly congratulate LGE if he has settled the debt from the profit and revenue earned from the economic ventures undertaken by his government.Infact,the Auditor General Report (AG) says that LGE has failed miserably to initiate development projects such as provide low and medium cost homes for the lower income groups.

LGE also failed to draw plans for the state government agencies to carry out development projects for the well being of the Penang people regardless of race.

LGE has also failed to collect the revenue for the state amounting to RM 78 million.

But, LGE and his stoogers claim that only the state government under LGE has recorded surplus. But,the AG Report reports that the previous state government under BN too has recorded surplus for several years including year 2006,2007,2008.

The Auditor General Report also indicates that the state government debt increase from RM 683.75 million (2009) to RM 687.79 million ( 2010).

The above mentioned Auditor General Report indicates clearly that LGE merely continue and sustain the success recorded by the BN government in year 2009 and 2010.

LGE's government only continue and sometime hijack the development projects initiated by BN but shamelessly claim as their projects.They have not done anything on their own.

So, LGE has not performed any miracles in state financial management as some claims.

Nevertheless, LGE is using his sosial media networks ruthlessly to stage a political propaganda to coerce people to believe that his government is best.

Penangites must be aware that LGE is merely using the Hitler's strategy to hoodwink the innocent rakyat of Penang particularly the Indian masses.

The Penangites are not prepared any more to fall prey to LGE false claims and propaganda tactics.

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