Monday, September 23, 2013


Malaya Communist Party (CPM) has commited atrocities including brutally killing not only the security forces but also innocent civilians including children since the party inception in year 1937 till 1989. But today, Malaysians are enjoying peace and prosperity because they have rejected, particularly the earlier Malayan leaders and the citizens of Malaya from  all walks of life and race, communist ideology sowed by CPM led by Chin Peng. Chin Peng launched guerilla war against not only the colonial British administration who administered Malaya till 31 August 1957 but also the 'Federation Of Malaya' government elected by Malayan people.The argument that Chin Peng  is a warrior because he fought against British colonial government is a fallacy because Chin Peng continued his guerilla war against the Malayan government even after Malaya achieved independence. 

Chin Peng wants to establish a 'Republic of Communist Malaya' under the tutelage of Communist Party of China. He only gave up his struggle or fight against the Malayan Government when he was advised by the top communist leaders from China. History shows that he collaborate and worked with British to thwart Japanese occupation of Malaya. He was awarded the highest warrior award 'O.B.E.' from British government for his collaberation with British . It is a communist strategy to work with the enemy to undermine them in order to achieve a bigger goal or agenda. Communist Party Of China led by the paramount leader Mao Dze Tung has worked with the nationalist party of China to stop Japanese occupying the mainland China. Once gain considerable amount of support and power, Mao overthrew Kuomintang and established a Republic Of Communist China under the leadership of  Communist Party Of China. 
Chin Peng was offered an opportunity to drop his arms struggle during the 'Baling Talk' held on 28th Disember 1955 and join the Malayan people to fight for Malaya independence. But Chin Peng refused to drop his arms struggle but adamant to continue his guerilla war to take over this country by unconstitutional manner.

While the Malayan people led by YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman engaged with the colonial British government demanding for independence of Malaya, Chin Peng launched his underground operations aggressively and killed brutally the security forces and innocent civilians. The Bukit Kepong attack, an assault against the Bukit Kepong Police Station,  which killed many police man and their family members on 23 February 1950, is a prove that Chin Peng is all out to take over this country by force and intimidation.  

Malaysians still remember the atrocities committed by Chin Peng during the pre-independence and post independence era. An emergency rule was in force from 1948 till 1960.  It was reported elsewhere that during this period of time, his attack has took a heavy toll of 3,945 security forces and 2,473 innocent civilians. Chin Peng has launched the 2nd attack causing security threat till 1979.

The Chief Inspector Of Polis in Serdang, Kedah, was shot dead by some communist agents  on 12 July 1973.  The Perak State Polis Chief, Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong was shot dead by communist insurgents in Ipoh on 12 July 1975. Even the IGP was not spared. Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim,  Inspector General Of Police Malaysia, was shot dead  on his way to office in  Jalan Tun Perak by Chin Peng's  hench man on 7 Jun 1974.

CPM underground activities came to an end when CPM led by Chin Peng signed a  peace accord, the ‘Hadyai Peace Accord’  with Thailand and Malaysian government in year 1989. With this background, do you believe that the right thinking Malaysian citizen will agree  that  Chin Peng is a freedom fighter an  deserve a warrior accord in Malaysia? 

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