Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The recent survey conducted by the Statistics Department of Malaysia among 60,000 respondents  shows that the corruption perception index i(CPI) amongst Malaysians is improving . The CPI score for year 2013 is 6.9, out of 10 compared to 6.8 for year 2012 and 6.7 for year 2011. 

Whereas,  the Berlin based Transparency International (TI) survey shows the CPI score of Malaysia for year 2013 as  5.1 compared to 5.0 in year 2012 and 4.9 for year 2011.

The CPI recorded by the Statistics Department of Malaysia is a better reflection of the  perception of Malaysians because it represents the views of Malaysians in general and the perceptions exists among the ordinary Malaysian man in the streets. 

On contrary , the CPI recorded by the TI is the perception of some institutions, local and foreign and not of the common man. In sum, the initiatives undertaken by Najib’s  administration to wipe out corruption  in public sector   is  producing positive results.

Let us work together, regardless of our  political divide ,  to make Malaysia a corruption free country in the near future.  

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