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Lim is asking the Kg.Buah Pala residents to meet him to resolve the issue without a A lawyer representing the affected residents. Why should he worry about the presence of a lawyer when he talk AND PREACH about tranparency.

Lately, Lim also outpour his anger against HINDRAF.But remember, Kg. Buah Pala issue is close to Indians heart. HINDRAF is merely doing their work to defend the legitimate rights of Indians. Lim and his supporters should not paint a picture that HINDRAF is over board or being demanding too much for Indians. Then there is no difference between BN and DAP regards to an Indian’s interest and wellbeing.. Both don’t care when it comes to Indian problems.

Indians all over Malaysia demand Lim Guan Eng to answer the questions posted by a concerned penangite elsewhere.The blogger argues why isn't Lims's DAP government is hesitating to give a transparent statement of facts on the whole situation. Who are the perpetrators of this land scam? And, if proven, surely there is a legal and moral obligation for this government to step in and revert the land title to its original status quo.

Was the Brown Housing Trust which holds the Kg.Buah Pala property has been properly and legally constituted the land titles given to the respective Indian villagers of Kg.Buah Pala? and if so, how did this dissolution came about, who did it, when and why, etc? If there are illegalities, Lim's government should charge the perpetrators for fraud, gross dereliction of public duties, and shirking their fiduciary responsibilities.

Why is that the PAS and PKR senior representatives of Pakatan Government were there with Uthayakumar on July 5, and no DAP personnel were there at all - let alone the two Lims –It shows that the DAP leaders are adopting a lackadaisical attitude when come to handle the problems faced by Indians.

DAP and Lim has double standard when it comes to handle issues faced by various races in Malaysia. We observe this by going through Lim Guan Eng's statements on Chinese issues compared to Indian or Malay issues.

The following is a write up and comment by the concerned penagite which displays evidently of Lim double standard of highest degree. I reproduce it for readers considerations:

At The Save Bukit Cina 20th Anniversary Dinner on Nov 28, 2004 Lim said “ DAP’s success in saving Bukit China from being demolished by the then BN and MCA in 1984 shows the importance of preserving important cultural and historical heritage over development projects for the sake of private gain. Both BN and MCA saw only ringgit signs when they proposed leveling the oldest Chinese cemetery in Malaysia to build houses, shophouses and shopping complexes.”

comment: See the hypocricy in his words. What we are now saying about Kampong Buah Pala and about the move to level the only remaining Indian Heritage Village in Penang is that it is a heritage location and must remain so for all of posterity . But does he care. He seems to be more interested in pleasing his investor benefactors all in the name of the ringgit signs he talks about"

Lim continues “…..Unlike BN and MCA may see ringgit signs in the largest piece of available land in the centre of Melaka town, DAP and the people of Melaka saw 3 important links in preserving Bukit China namely:

• cultural and historical heritage not only for the Chinese community but also as an important mark of friendship between Chinese and Malays when Princess Hang Li Po married the Melaka Sultan;

• environment heritage in providing a green lung that made Melaka a more natural and livable area for resident apart from helping to maintaine its historical atmosphere; and

• an important tourist site that attracted foreign tourists and revenue helping Melaka’s economy.

comment : So is Penang different from Melaka that the logic does not apply, or is it because it is Indian heritage and the logic does not apply because the Indians are too powerless to matter, or it is because he is now Chief minister and the logic does not apply any more. Everything of what he said about Bukit Cina applies to Kampung Buah Pala but that does not matter anymore.

In that same speech he goes on to say “…It is indeed shocking how UMNO Kota Melaka can be allowed to owe quit rent for 25 years of RM 83,701.15 and UMNO Jasin allowed to owe cukai pintu for 18 years of RM 83,701.15 without any action taken. In contrast there have been cases where private landowners who owe only 2 years in quit rent have their land confiscated by the state government. UMNO and MCA should be ashamed for not respecting the law even though they are the government..”

comment: We are saying that there is fraud involved in the sale of land not owned by Penang State to a private developer. But he chooses to totally ignore this point as it will instantly make the sale null and void. This will turn the whole picture around – something he is showing clearly he does not want to do now. Which bigwig is he trying to protect like UMNO in Melaka? Guan Eng should be ashamed for not respecting the law even though he is the government, by not taking action on such fraudulent activity within his Government.There seems to be a very clever and silent conspiracy involved in this multimillion ringgit deal - between some bigwig developer, The State administrators through their cooperative and guan Eng.

All his arguments that he cannot do anything other than pay compensation to the Villagers do not hold water as he is nowhere near exhausting all the options available. He has held his position steadfastly reiterating like a parrot that he could not do anything against a federal court order, as if that was what we are asking him to do. He is playing very dumb here. This is a very well disguised dumbness for all I care.

His argument that this sale will affect investor confidence is utter nonsense as the instability that will be caused by any move to raze the village is much much more and he full well knows that, which is why he is in such a hurry to sweep the problem away, by teasing the Villagers and offering the Villagers compensation for their land.

His argument about the precedence this will create is just more rubbish – this is the kind of precedence any government will want to set, which touts Competency, Transparency and Accountability as its operating philosophy.

Malaysian Indians all over Malaysia should take note and be aware of DAP's drama,particularly LGE attitude towards Indians and HINDRAF. From the above posting and argument by a concerned citizen , one cannot dismiss or deny that Lim sees the ringgit signs more than the need to safeguard a historical and cultural heritage of Indians.

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