Sunday, August 9, 2009

Filtering Internet Is A Noble Initiative

Lately, Dato' Seri Utama Dr.Rais Yatim, Minister of Information,Communication and Culture, has proposed to 'filter the internet' to curb and avert the proliferation of the 'porn culture' among our young netizens. The proposal to filter the internet is not to curb the freedom of bloggers, who pos comments and critism on government policies and leaders as alleged by some quarters.

Dr.Rais Yatim's intention is to 'filter' some undesireble elements, such as the child pornography, pass on freely to our young netizens. The pornography culture will certaintly give rise to hedonism among our young citizens. We are aware that lately the cases of free sex, incest,adultery, fornification, gay movement and all sorts of hedonistic and ill behaviours are making inroads in our society,particularly among young citizens. This is a very dangerous trend and it is not augur well for our young nation. We have to put a stop to this phenomenon before it become an endemic social disease among our younger generation.

Hence, let us not influenced by the western media who alleged that Dr.Rais's proposal may shun away the foreign investers investing in our country. The Malaysian government is ambitious and has embarked on a plan to broaden the broadband network coverage to every nook and corner of Malaysia, urban as well as rural, peninsular as well as East Malaysia. The government's intention is not only to narrow the digital divide among the people and regions but also to provide an internet access Malaysians of all walks of life.

So, it does not make sense and it is not fair to o conclude that Dr.Rais Yatim's proposal to filter the internet will jeopadise our economy. We shoud be aware of the agenda of some quarters's who areall out to colonize us , a neo-colonization , through the free flow of western , pornography, which is deemed to be against our basic tenets and precepts of the religions of Malaysians.

Hence, Let us not fell prey to the Western propaganda, but give our undivided support to Dr.Rais Yatim's noble initiative of regulating access to internet among netizens in order to save our children, the future leaderes of this great nation, Malaysia.

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