Saturday, July 19, 2014


The Ukranian authorities believe that MAS 17, Malaysian commercial aircraft which was ferrying 283 passengers and 15 crew , was reported crashed in strife –torn east Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board.

 Nevertheless, Malaysian Prime Minister Mohd.Najib Tun Abdul Razak  vows to find out  the truth about what caused  Malaysian national carrier, MAS 17  airplane to crash in Ukraine.   If the plane had been shot down, then the   perpetrators must face the condemnation and  bring to justice without fail,

 The world leders must support all initiatives for an international inquiry. Meanwhile, Malaysians must believe that the MAS MH17 was flying in a route which was declared safe by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).  The International Air Transportation Association(IATA) has also declared that the route MH17 traversing was not subject to restrictions. It was  even reported that the aircraft communications addressing  & reporting system (ACARS)  the aircrafts transponders were working and transmitting as normal. So , the technical aspects of the MAS 17  aircraft  has no way caused  the crash and it is totally  ruled out. US claims MH17 was shot down. 

Earlier, the Ukranian foreign minister,   Klimkin,  has  acknowledged that two Ukranian planes- Antonov -26 and SU-25- were shot down from the Russian territory,  a couple of days before the MH17 tragic crash. 

The shooting down of civilian aircraft is extremely rare. Records shows that in 1988, an Iran Air Plane was shot down which killed 290 year 1983, The Soviet fighter jets downed a South Korean Boeing 747 which killed 269 in the sky.

Malaysians has not recovered  from  tragic and shocking  news of  MAS flight  MH 370   from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing,   ferrying 239 people on board,  disappeared  on March 8 2014 . Despite a massive multinational aerial & under water search to find the MH370, the missing of the MAS aircraft  MH370 remain a mystery till today. 

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