Thursday, September 25, 2014


DYMM Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, Sultan of Selangor state   has executed his discretion wisely in appointing   Azmin Ali as the new MB od Selangor as provided by the  Selangor State constitution. With the swearing in ceremony of Azmin Ali, the state assembly man for Bukit Antarabangsa constituency,  as the 15th Menteri Besar of Selangor on 23.9.2014 , replacing Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim,  the   political drama  plotted and staged by  Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim  and his learned political strategist  to put DS Dr.Wan Azizah Wan Ismail  as the Selangor MB has resulted in avail.  

Eventhough  the  political imbroglio  which has plagued the Selangor government for the last nine months  has come to end, but Azmin Ali, being elevated above all the  as the new MB of Selangor has angered many PKR party members including  the PKR President  Dr.Wan Azizah,  and the PKR defacto leader DS Anwar Ibrahim  and their hard core supporters.
The political crisis  in  Selangor was not between the  two opposing  sides of the political divide, BN vs Pakatan, but it was within the Pakatan ranks or among the opposition front members. It started  when the Kajang assembly man vacated his seat to give way for DS Anwar Ibrahim to contest to become the MB of Selangor. But unfortunately, DS Anwar was disqualified  to contest and his wife Dr.Wan Azizah replaced him to  contest in Kajang seat and won the state seat in order to become the MB of Selangor. 

Now, it is no more a secret that  the   ‘Kajang move’ crafted by some PKR strategists was not  a wise move but has failed and frustrated not only DS Anwar Ibrahim and his supporters but also has created an irreparable  rift between PKR and its coalition  partner PAS. Even the bye election in Kelantan, PKR has to give away their  Pengkalan Kubor seat to PAS in order to win the PAS leaders's heart. 

With this background , many are expressing views that the  Azmin Ali’s appointment  as the new MB of Selangor has sparked off another round of political war within the PKR  ranks. Can Azmin Ali withstand a coup d’etat like attempts  against him in the Selangor state assembly to end his tenure as the 15th MB of Selangor when the assembly convene  soon ?

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